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Items Return & Exchange

As we guaranteed, it is always possible to return or exchange the product you bought or delivered via BuyToMe , We will do our best to do it.

When the product has been in storage BuyToMe warehouses,  if The customer volunteered to cancel the order

the item have Arrived BuyToMe In 7 days -- in unconditional return period
IF you want return, you need to pay the china domestic freight (returning & coming)$2-$3, and the Refund will be returned to your account in 2-4 days 
 the item have Arrived BuyToMe After 7 days---the seller agreed to return
you need to pay the china domestic freight (returning & coming ), and the Refund will be returned to your account in 2-4 days
 the item have Arrived BuyToMe After 7 days---the seller does not accept returns
 you can not return. (But we will try to fight for customers)

 China's shopping protect only 7 days, so we must return to the seller in writing within 7 days, if more than the deadline, the seller will refuse the return,pls  must understand us,thx

When you receive the parcel

The scope of return & exchange (in 7 day)
1. Wrong items or damaged items
When you receive any wrong item (e.g. wrong color, size or design) or the damaged item, please take a photo and send us with a short description by email.

2. Items with bad quality
We can help you to refund or exchange the item if you can provide warranty card (the item must be under warranty as well). For the item fits exchanging standards, we will cover the mainland China shipping which may occur.

This service is free of charge, while you have to pay for the international shipping fee by your own. We will reserve the right for this service.

The procedure:
Step 1: Make your application via customer service email
Step 2: you will hear the conclusion via email if the item is exchangeable or returnable.    
Step 3: Please send us related items and materials (the item, receipts, original package, and print version of the email with conclusion) ASAP.

Note: Please aware the return period.
International shipping takes time, we will let you know if there is any further information.

Exchange and refund is unavailable if:
●   item exchanged/outward appearance changed/missing accessories  
●   Unpacking items(CD/DVD/tapes etc)
●   Items without original receipts
●   Fragile items

Warning: BuyToMe cannot arrange return or exchange service for you if illegal issue (like fraud) involved.