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Holiday Notice for Chinese Spring Festival 2020


Dear Customers,


The most important traditional festival in China — ChineseSpring Festival is approaching. To celebrate this once year grand festival, ourChinese people will have a long holiday. During this time, many sellers andlogistics will suspend their service, so BuyToMe will adjust our service timeduring the vacation.  Please kindly notice the specific information asfollows (Beijing Time).


1. Orders will be suspended from January 17 to January 30,2020.

2. Parcels will be suspended from January 19 to January 30,2020.

3. Customer service will be suspended from January 19 to January30, 2020. 


You can still browse our websites and submit orders andshipment as usual. Since we are unknowing about how many orders will beproduced during the vacation, we will give our subsequent plans to deal withthese orders and please pay attention to the notice on our official website (www.buytome.com). We feel sorry for the inconvenience we bring to you.


Here BuyToMe wish you Happy Chinese New Year and Godbless your family!


BuyToMe will provide you the best service like it alwaysdo. Your satisfaction is BuyToMe’s pursuing goal!