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PayPal support 4 types of bank cards all around the world (VISA, Master, American Express, JCB Card) and bank cards from certain countries.

Recharge accounts through PayPal, it will receive the money immediately.

Please make sure the PayPal 's "shipping address" exactly match the final "delivery address".
The currency exchange standard is related to the exchange rate
every time you use your bank card to recharge through PayPal, an additional "4.4%+$0.3" charge will be added to your fee for processing.

Recharge accounts through PayPal, it will receive the money immediately. If you have already recharge through Paypal, but does not appear successful in BuyToMe account successfully, please provide your: recharge methods, paypal account name, recharge time, the amount of recharge, recharge transaction ID, User ID, send an email to our Customer Service, BuyToMe Finance staff will help you verify, to help you recharge manually.

●If you recharge through Paypal e-check. Amount of the transaction will not immediately add to your BuyToMe account ,because the transaction processing of Paypal e-check takes 5-7 days. When we receive notification of Paypal, the transaction has paid , we'll be increasing the amount of the transaction on your account, 

Warning:No matter which currency account you use, PayPal will quote the money according to US dollars.

About Paypal