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How Does BuyToMe Charge Service Fees?

Please note that all product prices and shipping costs on BuyToMe are quoted in US Dollar ($)

The Total Cost Of PurchasingTotal Cost = The total cost of items + Domestic shipping fee + International shipping fee + Service charge
1.the total cost of items : The original price of items(No extra cost available

2.domestic shipping fee : $0-1.89 ( the freight that the items delivered to Shanghai from the seller spent )

3.international shipping fee : The freight calculated according to your goods weight, selection of modes of delivery, the receiving area.
   ◆   Check  Shipping Cost Table   to know further about international shipping fee.

4.service charge : ( the total cost of items + international shipping fee ) x10%
     The E-coupons can  be used as service fee when you submit the delivery; Details

You can directly use "Cost Calculator" estimation tool.